Getting back on track!

It has been a little while since I have written, but I have been busy!  I am working hard trying to complete my personal training certification.  I am hoping to complete this before the end of this month, no later than next month.  I can’t wait to be certified in personal training as well as nutrition so that I can be a better resources to those hoping to reach their health and fitness goals in a sustainable way.

In the meantime, I have officially completed a full 7 days of structured workouts and I feel great!  Since about 6 weeks postpartum, I have gradually been adding more activity.  This week my body has allowed a short one mile jog as well as about 30 minutes of low-impact cardio along with some strength exercises four out of the last seven days.

I am still feeling the frustrated by the impact the pregnancy and complications during delivery have had on my body.  My ligaments are still loose from the relaxin hormone.  My pelvis is still week, but that is improving.  My abs are starting to come back together, but it feels like it is a long ways away from 100%.  I am continuing to listen to my body and modify my workouts as appropriate.

I have been weighing myself periodically and, while there has been very little change there, I believe more in the power of how I look and feel.  I have felt soooo much better and I think I am looking better…I will be posting updated pics this weekend and can compare then.  I do not believe in diets or quick fixes.  Your health and wellbeing is your life and changes should be made so that they will stick. For me, that means I will not obsess over numbers.  I will not follow fad diets.  I will check in with myself periodically to see if I am feeling better or if changes need to be made.  I have been feeling pretty good, so we will see this weekend if there have been any results!  See you then!! 🙂