Four weeks later!  The scale has betrayed me with it’s increasing numbers, but I am starting to see progress!  My waist is coming back and I am feeling so much better.  If anyone out there struggles with this same dichotomy between the scales and your mirror, remember: muscle is more dense than fat (you often hear that muscle “weighs” more than fat) and so one pound of muscle takes up less space than one pound of fat. The increase I am seeing on the scale is just a friendly reminder that my muscles are coming back now that I am beginning to work out more regularly!  (As if the soreness wasn’t reminder enough!) Yeeaaay!!

With a 5 year old and an infant, work, running a business and a home, it is certainly easy to come up with excuses, but self care is so important.  I am working hard to allow myelf to be a priority and make that time to work out and eat healthy.  It’s frustrating sometimes to experience such incremental changes, but quick fixes often will lead to quick relapses.  It is important to develop lasting healthy habits for lifelong results.  Little by little it will get easier!

More pics and progress reports in another few weeks! Maybe I can actually put on make-up and do my hair or something then. ;p